Participatory Research in HP SIG

Participatory research is a promising and innovative approach to increase the effectiveness and impact of health promotion. This approach is especially useful to address public health “wicked” problems (such as the obesity epidemic) which are particularly resistant to resolution, specifically in vulnerable and difficult to reach populations.
The underlying assumption is that the persons whose life or work is the subject of the research actively collaborate with academic researchers throughout the entire research process, from identifying problems they struggle with to co-designing, implementing, evaluating and where possible advocating solutions for these problems. This requires a power-sharing governance between academic and non-academic stakeholders and is believed to result in increased feelings of empowerment, mutual learning and innovative insights that are helpful in gaining an in-depth understanding of specific health promotion issues and potential solutions. While many researchers are convinced about the value of participatory research, they struggle with the challenges that comes with it.
This SIG aims to build a community of ISBNPA members who conduct or have an interest in using participatory research in health promotion focusing on nutrition, physical activity, sedentary behaviour and sleep. We will provide a forum to:

a) exchange views and experiences,

b)     discuss challenges that comes along with participatory research,

c)     promote and support high-quality participatory research, and

d)     encourage and organize activities at the annual ISBNPA meeting (e.g. symposia and workshops), i.e. supporting the aforementioned activities.

We will communicate with the SIG members through webinars, social media, ISBNPA newsletter and face-to-face events at the annual ISBNPA meetings.

About Us

Story Sharing

Ash Cox: Story Sharing

From the very beginning of my PhD I have wanted to capture the experiences of adolescents in conducting muscular fitness activity to help guide future

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Moushumi Chaudhury: Story Sharing

One of my primary school-based projects, “Empowering children to influence changes in their school environment for physical activity, health and wellbeing” the children mentioned several

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Activities early 2022

Our first webinar is scheduled for early 2022. More information will follow soon on this website. Please subscribe to our SIG (by contacting Teatske Altenburg

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Inspiration gallery

Inspirational Things, late 2021

Youth-led Participatory Action Research Hub: Research article “How to evaluate the Effectiveness of Health Promotion Actions Developed Through Youth-Centered Participatory Action Research”: Webinar

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