Pioneers Program 2022-2023

Quick call guidelines (study to be presented either at ISBNPA2023, Uppsala, Sweden or at the online meeting in September 2023) 

The purpose of this scholarship is to provide funding to: 

– conduct a small study or complete an existing study (where funds are currently insufficient); and  
– present study findings at either the in-person or online ISBNPA 2023 conference.  

Who is eligible? 

– Applicants should be early or mid-career researchers residing and working in an LMIC, as recognised by the World Bank. Applications from early career researchers from high-income countries will be assessed only when an appropriate justification of the difficulties of getting research funding is provided in the application.  
– Each applicant should identify a mid-career or senior researcher willing to act as a mentor for their project. This person could be in the same country or from another country. It would be preferable for the mentor to be a member of ISBNPA.  

Available funding 

– If applying to present in the in-person meeting: 

– US$1500 research grant + US$1500 conference travel scholarship + free conference registration + registration to the NESI pre-conference workshop (if the applicant is an early career researcher) 

– If applying to present in the online meeting: 

– US$1500 research grant + free conference registration + registration to the NESI pre-conference workshop (if the applicant is an early career researcher) 

What the funding can be used for: 

– Research-related costs, e.g., transport for data collection, fieldworker costs, equipment, materials and supplies for data collection. 

– Salary costs of an early career researcher (Masters or PhD student, or postdoc ≤5 years post PhD) to complete a specific research task, e.g., collect data, complete data analysis. 

What the funding cannot be used for: 

– Salary contribution for a mid-career or senior researcher 

– Institutional costs (e.g., university research levies, overheads) 

– Article publication fees. The applicants may submit a waiver request to IJBNPA that will be considered by the editor-in-Chief. 

Timeline and procedure






Call for funding applications  


October 10, 2022 


Deadline for funding applications  


November 18, 2022 


Decision on funding applications communicated  


December 2.2022 


Successful applicants will sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with ISBNPA –  


December 9, 2022 


Funding awarded (only once MoA signed) –  


January 13, 2023 


First Payment (US$800) 


January 13, 2023 


Complete data collection and analysis –  


February 17, 2023 


Second Payment (US$500) 


February 17, 2023 


Submit abstract – 


March 2023 (TBC) 


Third Payment (US$200) 


March 17,2023 (TBC) 


Travel funding awarded when submitted abstract is accepted 


March 2023 (TBC) 


Attend ISBNPA 2023  


14-17 June 2023 

What if deadlines are not met? 

–   A motivation for extending deadline/s should be submitted to the ISBNPA selection committee. 

–   If two deadlines are not met, ISBNPA reserves the right to not pay further instalments, and to withdraw the offer of funding to attend the ISBNPA conference. 

Application form: 

The application form is available in the link below. We strongly advise you to visit the form in advance of preparing the submission. 

Any questions? 

Please contact: Dr Ana Maria Contardo-Ayala, [email protected]


Page updated: 2022-10-10