The International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity (IJBNPA) is an open access, peer-reviewed journal offering high-quality articles, rapid publication and wide diffusion in the public domain. The journal is published by BMC Springer Nature.

IJBNPA is devoted to furthering the understanding of the behavioral aspects of diet and physical activity.

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IJBNPA History

IJBNPA is about to turn 20 years old!
The story of the IJBNPA editors-in-chief is one of dedication, commitment, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. These individuals have served as the driving force behind the journal, pushing it to reach new heights and continually improve its quality standards.
Every great story is made up of its characters, the time in which it takes place, and the setting that brings it all together. In the case of the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity (IJBNPA), these elements were Anthony Worsley and Simone French as founding-editors, the year 2003 as the starting point, and the University of Minnesota’s Division of Epidemiology as the crucial backdrop, providing both financial assistance and valuable human resources. It was within this institution Simone French found the essential backing needed to bring IJBNPA to life. 
Simone French, as the first Editor-in-Chief of IJBNPA, took on the daunting task of establishing a contract with BMC, laying the foundation for a successful partnership. She also reached out to recruit early deputy and associate editors, an undertaking that required a significant amount of time and effort. One can only imagine the dedication and hard work put in by Simone French and her colleagues at the University of Minnesota to ensure IJBNPA’s success.
Name Term Journal Secretariat
Anthony Worsley (Founding-Editor) 2003  
Simone French (Founding-Editor and Editor-in-Chief) 2003  
Johannes Brug 2005  
David Crawford 2007  
Frank van Lenthe 2010 Petra de Vries
Russ Jago 2015 Lesley Wood
Hidde van der Ploeg 2018 Léonie Uijtdewilligen
Richard Rosenkranz (co-editors) 2022 – present Sunday Onagbiye (until 2023) and Catarina Silva
Melanie Hingle (co-editors) 2023-present Sunday Onagbiye (until 2023) and Catarina Silva 
After the first number was released, in 2004 the  IJBNPA editors-in-chief have worked tirelessly alongside a team of over 500 members of the editorial board. These individuals, comprised of experts in the field of behavioral nutrition and physical activity, have contributed their time and expertise to ensure that only the highest-quality research is published in the journal.
In addition to the editorial board, about 100 Associate Editors have played a crucial role in shaping the direction of the journal. These talented individuals have provided invaluable insights and guidance to authors, helping to refine their research and ensure its relevance to the field.
Supporting these efforts are approximately 20 Deputy Editors-in-Chief who have worked closely with the editors-in-chief to oversee various aspects of journal operations. Their contributions behind-the-scenes have been instrumental in maintaining a seamless publication process.
Throughout this journey, BMC Springer Nature has served as our trusted publisher. Their expertise in scientific publishing has been invaluable in ensuring that our work reaches a wide audience and maintains high visibility within the scientific community.
Since its inception, ISBNPA has collaborated closely with the editors-in-chief to enhance the capabilities of IJBNPA. To facilitate this, we established the position of journal secretariat, and we are confident that many of you are familiar with their names (see table below) as they have provided valuable assistance through email during the submission process. We extend our sincerest gratitude to these individuals for their hard work and dedication on behalf of ISBNPA and the IJBNPA Editors-in-Chief.
All of this collective effort has been driven by a shared vision and mission – that of ISBNPA. The work published in IJBNPA aligns with ISBNPA’s commitment to promoting healthy behaviors through rigorous scientific research. The editors-in-chief have played a pivotal role in advancing this vision by upholding rigorous standards for research quality and contributing to cutting-edge knowledge in our field.
As we look towards the future, we are filled with gratitude for all that these dedicated individuals have accomplished. Their unwavering commitment has shaped IJBNPA into a leading publication within our field. We are confident that with their continued leadership, along with the support of our publisher and the collective efforts of the editorial board, associate editors, and deputy editors-in-chief, the future of our journal will be even brighter. We anticipate that IJBNPA will continue to evolve and set new standards for excellence in behavioral nutrition and physical activity research.  

This is one of those stories that definetely has a “To Be Continued” instead of an end.