Moushumi Chaudhury: Story Sharing

One of my primary school-based projects, “Empowering children to influence changes in their school environment for physical activity, health and wellbeing” the children mentioned several things that they wanted updated or changed regarding their playground and sports fields and equipment during the action group meetings. However, when the children advocacy group presented their findings to the school’s principals and teacher leadership team.  The students identified issue that they wanted immediate action on as (1) to fix the broken bathroom locks, (2) new mirrors, and (3) removal of outdoor graffiti on the walls.  The principle and teachers were surprised. The principal said, “these are such minor issues, and I am surprised these are what concern you” To which the young presenter unprompted replied “Your perception of the problem is not our perception of the problem.” As a researcher this had a profound effect on me and the importance of co creation and the power of the voice to make change happen.