About Us; ISBNPA SIG Participatory Research in Health Promotion

Teatske Altenburg is an assistant professor at the Department of Public and Occupational Health at Amsterdam UMC. She is specialised in child-centered research, including participatory action research. She is addicted to sports and good coffee: two cups of flat white (double espresso with micro foam of oat milk) gets her going in the morning and a fanatic workout in the gym (spinning, High Intensity Interval Training, step-aerobics) is a perfect end to her day.

Maïté Verloigne is an assistant professor at the Department of Public Health and Primary Care at Ghent University. Her research programme mainly focuses on developing, implementing and evaluating health promotion interventions in adolescents using a participatory approach. She definitely would join Teatske for a good work-out and (black!) coffee, but needs to admit that one of her guilty pleasures is watching a good horror movie now and then.

Emma Cowley is a final year PhD Candidate in Liverpool John Moores University, who is passionate about adolescent girls engagement in sport and exercise, and hopes her PhD work can contribute to closing the gender data gap in sport science. She can be found most evenings in her local weightlifting gym or watching The Office – she also can’t say no to good coffee.

Veerle Van Oeckel is a PhD student at the Department of Public Health and Primary Care at Ghent University. Her PhD focuses on reducing sedentary behaviour among adolescents’ at school using a participatory approach. She likes to live a healthy lifestyle, but also has to confess that she has a weakness for a tasty dessert, especially one with apple.

Anneke Vandendriessche is a PhD student at the Department of Public Health and Primary Care at Ghent university. During her PhD project she combined participatory action research with the intervention mapping protocol to develop, implement and evaluate a healthy sleep intervention for adolescents at school. She’s enthusiastic about youth work and tries to go by (cargo-)bike everywhere!

Moushumi Chaudhury is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the School of Sports and Recreation at Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. Her research focuses on community-based participatory research design on built environment attributes, namely public open space in the urban setting concerning different population group’s experiences. She has neen involved in projects focused on physical activity, nutrition, health & wellbeing. Mo is a DD. A ‘Dr’ by day and a ‘dancer’ by night, she teaches a popular African partner dance (Kizomba) both regionally and nationally. Her mantra in life is “connect mind, body and soul.”

Ash Cox is a PhD student and lecturer in youth physical education and youth physical activity at Edge Hill University. Ash has a keen interest in the contribution of muscular fitness to health and overall physical activity, with a focus on the school environment as a facilitator to delivery. Prior to pursuing a PhD and career in academia, Ash served as a British Commando for 13 years and travelled the world extensively.