The Early Care and Education (ECE) Special Interest Group serves to support existing ECE researchers and researchers with emerging interests in physical activity, sedentary behaviors, sleep and nutrition during the early childhood period.

The focus of this SIG is young children’s engagement in out of home child care whether infant care, nursery school, preschool, kindergarten, child care centers, or family childcare home providers.


The ECE SIG will serve as a source of communication, information sharing, and collaboration among researchers whose goals are to improve the young child’s health, growth and development through healthy eating, regular physical activity, adequate sleep and minimizing sedentary behaviors.

SIG Leadership team


Dr Rachel Jones (University of Wollongong) – [email protected]

Dr Penny Love (Deakin University) – [email protected]


Dr Avril Johnstone (University of Glasgow) – [email protected]

Dr Alice Grady (University of Newcastle) – [email protected]

Dr Brianne Bruijns (University of Western Ontario) – [email protected]

Dr Leigh Vanderloo (ParticipACTION) – [email protected]

Dr Clarice Martins (University of Porto) – [email protected]

Divya Patel, PhD candidate (University of Oklahoma) – [email protected]

Audrey Elford, PhD candidate (Deakin University) – [email protected]

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