ISBNPA Annual Meeting 2021

Dear colleagues, We have surveyed the ISBNPA community about the 2021 Annual Meeting. The vast majority mentioned expressed concerns about having a face-to-face meeting. The

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ISBNPA Mentoring

The ISBNPA Mentoring scheme offers an opportunity to connect and engage members at various stages in their careers. We are currently looking for mentors (both early/mid-career and late career) and mentees (at any stage in their career) to get involved in our program.

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ADOPT Core Measures

Lesley Lytle is involved in an exciting research project: the ADOPT Core Measures Project aims to advance adult obesity treatment in the face of well-documented individual variability in response to treatment.  To achieve this goal, there is a critical need to better understand the sources of this variability and develop models which integrate behavioral, psychosocial, environmental, and biological predictors and moderators of adult treatment responses.   Such models could provide the basis for developing and testing tailored treatments which optimize initial weight loss and sustain the weight reduced state. 

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Call for Pioneer Scholarship Grant for ISBNPA 2020 in Auckland

We are moving forward in the way we support LMIC in behavioral nutrition and physical activity research. See how you can apply for this support for the ISBNPA 2020 meeting in Auckland.
The traditional scholarship program, covering only travel, registration and stay was replaced by this current program.

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WCRF Regular Grant Programme – 2018/19 opening

World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) International is now accepting grant applications for research on the links between diet, nutrition (including body composition), physical activity and cancer prevention and survival, as part of their Regular Grant Programme 2018/2019 cycle.

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