Danish Health Authority English versions of “Health promotion package: physical activity” and “How the built environment can impact physical activity”

Health promotion package:
The Danish Health Authority recently published the health promotion package on physical activity in English. The purpose of the health promotion package is to support the municipality’s work with providing the citizens with opportunities for being physically active throughout their life. The health promotion package deals with physical activity as primary prevention. The health promotion package describes prevalence, lost years of life as a result of physical inactivity, use of health services in relation to physical inactivity among others. The most important part of the health promotion package are the recommendations to support the municipality’s work. These recommendations are divided into ‘frameworks’ (both organizational and physical), ‘programmes’, ‘information and education’ and ‘early identification’.

Link: https://www.sst.dk/da/Udgivelser/2018/Forebyggelsespakke-Fysisk-aktivitet/Health-promotion-package,-c-,-Physical-activity

How the built environment can impact physical activity:
The Danish Health Authority has published “How the built environment can impact physical activity”. The publication communicates research-based knowledge about the importance of the built environment for physical activity, and how the built environment can be designed and organized to promote physical activity. The publication is a tool that makes it easier for decision-makers and officials within municipality, regions and governments to make informed decisions about the planning of the urban environment, so it invites all citizens – regardless of age and social background – to be physically active. It has a special focus on the design of the city and infrastructure, parks and green areas and schools.

Link: https://www.sst.dk/da/Udgivelser/2019/Omgivelsernes-betydning-for-fysisk-aktivitet-litteraturstudie/How-the-urban-environment-impacts-physical-activity