#Dare2Share: science is more when you share

#Dare2Share is based on the belief that open science will lead to better research and thereby create more knowledge on how to promote health. #Dare2Share action aims to make ISBNPA an even more connected, inspirational, attractive and successful society. A society where we learn and benefit from each other, inspire and challenge each other, leading to the best research on behavioral nutrition and physical activity and ultimately better health across the globe. 

The #Dare2Share committee is now inviting ISBNPA members to submit proposals for #Dare2Share sessions and initiatives to be delivered at the 2020 Annual Meeting in Auckland (New Zealand). Please complete the form in case you want to submit a session or initiative. As this is a brand new ISBNPA idea, we are intentionally keeping the guidelines broad to encourage members to submit their most innovative, engaging ideas that fit with the #Dare2Share theme.


**SESSIONS** could include, but are not limited to: moving sessions, brainstorm sessions, exhibitions, outdoor sessions, creativity sessions to exchange ideas such as protocols, instruments, failures, experiences, ideas, challenges, etc. 

**INITIATIVES** aim to connect ISBNPA members more and improve sharing on top of the Annual Meeting’s scientific sessions. It relates to an informal activity that can be allocated within the Annual Meeting schedule or after to enhance social connections. 

Please prepare your text in advance and copy-paste to the form, to avoid loss of data. Also, please SEND AN EMAIL TO [email protected] AFTER YOU COMPLETE THE FORM so that we can confirm the good reception of the proposal. As this is a new action, we would really encourage you to submit an idea. 

If you have doubts or are concerned about whether your idea is eligible, don’t hesitate to send us a pre-proposal including all the information required in the form to [email protected] before January the 17th 2020 and the committee will give you a feedback within two weeks (before 31st January 2020). 


We encourage you to submit a proposal! There will be free registration fees for the next Annual Meeting 2021 for the most innovative/ attractive/ with engaging capacity/ low-cost high reach session and initiative. Moreover, if you relate your proposal to a SIG, surprise recognition will be granted.