The Children and Families SIG aims to build a community of ISBNPA members who share an interest in conducting research with children and families around nutrition behaviors, physical activity, sedentary behaviors, and sleep.


  • The key focus of this SIG is with children aged 0-18 years and their families, across a range of different settings, including schools, homes and neighborhoods.
  • Within this SIG, the term ‘families’ is broadly defined to include parents, caregivers, siblings and extended family.
  • Research includes, but is not limited to, nutrition behaviors, physical activity, sedentary behaviors, and sleep in the context of children, their families, and parenting/ caregiver practices

Please note: ISBNPA members who focus specifically on research relating to policies and practices centre-based child care or family day care homes, should consider joining the Early Care and Education (ECE) SIG.


The Children and Families Special Interest Group (SIG) will provide a platform for members to:

  • Share and discuss recent evidence and developments relating to children and families’ behavioral nutrition, physical activity, sedentary behavior and sleep as well as discuss future directions for research, policy and practice.
  • Connect and form collaborations with other researchers globally with similar research interests.
  • Create a community of researchers to address critical research gaps in order to enhance the health and wellbeing of children and families.

Communication with members

The Children and Families SIG will connect and communicate with SIG members through webinars, social media, newsletters, and face-to-face meetings and social events at the Annual ISBNPA conference.


Alissa Burnett <[email protected]>
Taniya Nagpal <[email protected]>

Officers of the Leadership Team

Andrea Smith <[email protected].uk>
Richard Tyler <[email protected]>
Lynne Lafave <[email protected]>