The SIG on Motivation and Behavior Change creates a ‘community’ of ISBNPA members with an interest in exchanging and advancing knowledge on motivational dynamics (SDT, motivational interviewing,…) in relation to behavioral change with a focus on nutrition, physical activity and sedentary behaviors.

Motivational processes are critical to health behavior change and central to theory development, intervention research (with individuals and groups), and even policy initiatives aimed at population behavior change.

The Motivation and Behavior Change SIG creates a ‘community’ of ISBNPA members with an interest in exchanging and advancing knowledge on motivational dynamics in relation to behavioral change, with a focus on nutrition, physical activity, and sedentary behaviors. For the purpose of this SIG, motivation is broadly defined, but it should involve implicit or explicit psychological (i.e. intrapsychic) phenomena energizing or directing behavior, which can be modeled and measured in research. Aspects of identity, efficacy, goals, perceived control, autonomy, expectancies, affect, attitudes, values, and perceived interpersonal dynamics are some illustrative examples. Also, the SIG is especially interested in how theory informs the study of motivational factors and motivated behavior change, including aspects such as theory selection, theory comparison, translation (and testing) of theory via applied methodologies (e.g. motivational interviewing, standardized behavior change techniques).

SIG Chairs

  • Marta Marques
  • Karin Weman

SIG Team

  • Crystal Smit
  • Jorge Encantado