Lifestyle interventions and behaviour change across the cancer prevention and control continuum incorporating primary prevention, screening and early detection, and lifestyle interventions for cancer patients and survivors.
There is increasing recognition of the role of physical activity, diet and weight management in the primary prevention of cancer prevention (notably breast and colorectal) and there is an urgent need to demonstrate the feasibility and impact of behaviourally focussed interventions (on health outcomes and relevant markers of disease). In addition, there is increasing interest in the impact of lifestyle interventions in cancer survivors who are at risk of cancer recurrence, development of new primary cancers, treatment related side effects and other non –communicable chronic diseases.

This area of intervention is relatively new and set to grow as the need for prevention strategies gains international support and the number of cancer survivor’s increase. It is timely therefore to develop a multi-disciplinary, international, and collective of researchers which combines the expertise of relevant behavioural, physical activity and nutrition disciplines. These areas are important for policy level, public health and individual level interventions.

SIG Chair: Linda Trinh

Deputy Chair: Rebecca Beeken

Treasurer: Zan Gao

Secretary: Cindy Forbes

Communications Officer: Emily Hill

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Immediate Past Chair: Cristina Caperchione

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