The Ageing SIG brings together researchers interested in how physical activity, sedentary behaviour and nutrition impact on the health of older people. This SIG recognises that the impacts of these behaviours may start before old age (traditionally defined as aged 60 or 65 years and older) which is also reflected in the name of the SIG. 

One of the great public health successes of the 20th Century was the increase in life expectancy in populations around the world. One of the key challenges of the 21st Century will be to ensure that these extra years are healthy. As people age they may undergo transitions in employment, housing and social networks. These may impact health behaviours resulting in sarcopenia and declines in physical and cognitive functioning leading to disablement, dependence and reduced quality of life. However, regular physical activity, low levels of sedentary behaviour and optimal nutrition can help to prevent these declines and are crucial to maintaining independent living, something older adults themselves rate as very highly important to them.

The proposed Ageing SIG will take a multidisciplinary approach to focus on how physical activity, sedentary behaviour and nutrition are important for healthy ageing.


The Ageing SIG aims to build a community of ISBNPA members interested in promoting optimal sedentary behaviour, physical activity and nutrition to ensure healthy ageing. This SIG will provide a platform to disseminate evidence and to promote networking and collaboration.  


  • Develop a network of clinicians, policy makers and researchers interested in Ageing;
  • Facilitate discussion and action;
  • Encourage collaboration and networking;
  • Provide professional support through exchanging information about relevant conferences, seminars and workshops and offering professional development opportunities;
  • Map activities of members;
  • Engage with other SIGs and societies related to Ageing, e.g. Society of Behavioral Medicine, International Association of Geriatrics and Gerontology. 

SIG Co-chairs

Anne Tiedemann and Libby Richards.

SIG leadership team

Paul GardinerLucy LewisShilpa DograSeb ChastinMaureen Ashe, and Delfien Van Dyck.