ISBNPA 2023 Executive Committee Election’s Results


The 2023 elections’ results are in, and all participants were already informed and confirmed the acceptance of the results.

The elections had 118 votes, representing ±20% of our current membership. We sent three reminders to vote, two via the newsletter system and one via the Executive Director email account. These numbers are aligned with previous elections, where usually ±20-25% of the members vote.

We were voting to fill FOUR member-at-large spots. The elected nominees were:

1. Adewale Oyeyemi – Africa representative – 88 votes

2. Deborah Salvo – Member-at-large – 74 votes

3. Scott Duncan – Oceania representative – 64 votes

4. Andrea Ramirez Varela – Latin America and the Caribbean representative – 57 votes

Their term will start in the next Annual Meeting, June 2023.

The full results are in the table below.

Name Adewale Oyeyemi (Africa) (Count All)Andrea Ramirez Varela (Latin America or the Caribbean) (Count All)Angelica Ochoa-Aviles (Latin America or the Caribbean) (Count All)Deborah Salvo (Count All)Isaac Warbrick (Oceania) (Count All)Rodrigo Reis (Latin America or the Caribbean) (Count All)Scott Duncan (Oceania) (Count All)I do not want to vote for this position (Count All)