POSTPONED. Socio-Economic Inequalities SIG Webinar: Living Laboratories and Community Participation: Key to Sustainable Health Initiatives

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SIG Socio-Economic Inequalities


Living Laboratories and Community Participation: Key to Sustainable Health Initiatives


To be announced, it should be in late September




Lua Perimal-Lewis, Senior Lecturer in Digital Health, Flinders Digital Health Research Centre, College of Science and Engineering

Evanthia Sakellari, Associate Professor, Department of Public and Community Health, University of West Attica, Athens, Greece


Sónia V. Correia, Universidade Lusófona


Dr. Lua Perimal-Lewis will share the FAME project, which uses a ‘living laboratory’ approach to develop digital health solution for community dwelling older adults with memory loss. By involving stakeholders and users throughout the process, FAME ensures the app meets real needs. FAME helps with appointment management, phone and video calling, and other daily activities. It integrates existing digital services, brain training and physical activity functionalities within the platform. In a 12-week pilot with 120 participants conducted in 2 phases, most used the app for over an hour daily, reporting improved clarity in daily tasks. This success highlights the potential of user-centered digital health to enhance the quality of life for older adults. The presentation by Evanthia Sakellari highlights the importance of community participation in health promotion, emphasizing a “bottom-up” approach where individuals are active participants rather than passive recipients. This method fosters empowerment, enhancing community control over health decisions and improving social capital and health outcomes. It will be shared projects in order to demonstrate concrete examples to the audience for implications in practice. The projects highlight the importance of community involvement in health promotion, emphasizing the benefits of active participation in creating effective and meaningful health promotion interventions.