Winners of the ISBNPA2024 Awards

We are proud to communicate the awards for best presentation at ISBNPA2024.
The process involved 32 judges, 36 short-listed oral, and 56 poster presentations. Three judges evaluated each presentation.

All winners will get a free registration for the ISBNPA2025 annual meeting in New Zealand.

The Awards Committee wishes to thank all judges and participants.
Chrisa Arcan
Antonio Palmeira
Simone Verswijveren
Alissa Burnett

Oral presentations


Predicting physical activity energy expenditure from consumer wearable accelerometry and heart rate data in children.

Dr. Robert Weaver1, Dr. Rahul  Ghosal1, Dr. Aliye  Cepni1, Olivia Finnegan1, James  White III1, Hannah  Parker1, Dr. Sarah Burkart1, Dr. Michael Beets1, Dr. David Brown III1, Dr. Russell Pate1, Dr. Massimiliano  de Zambotti2, Dr. Gregory Welk3, Dr. Srihari  Nelakuditi1, Dr. Yuan  Wang1, Dr. Bridget Armstrong1, Dr. Elizabeth Adams1, Xuanxuan  Zhu1, Meghan  Savidge1, Nicholas  Niako1

1University Of South Carolina, Columbia, USA, 2SRI International, MENLO PARK, USA, 3Iowa State University, Ames, USA

Early Career Researcher

Nutrition insecurity associated with lower odds of sports participation among United States adolescents: findings from a cross-sectional analysis of nationally representative data.

Dr. Kathryn Janda-Thomte1, Sophia Garza-Hatcher1, Brittany Needham1, Dr. Ashleigh Johnson2

1Baylor University, Waco, United States, 2San Diego State University, San Diego, United States


Unlocking Academic Success: Exploring Associations Between 24-Hour Movement Compositions and Academic Performance in College Students

Miss Carah Porter1, Jennifer Sanders1, Dr. Thomas Coyle1, Dr. Denver Brown1

1The University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, USA



Echando una Mano: Community Food and Nutrition Assistance Providers’ Perceptions of
their Ability to Adequately Serve Low-Income and non-English speaking Latino adults in the

Dr. Miguel Angel Lopez1, Dr. Pia Chaparro2, Dr. Julia Fleckman3, Mr. Joseph Molloy3, Dr. Amy
George3, Dr. Melissa Fuster3

1Gretchen Swanson Center for Nutrition, New Orleans, USA, 2University of Washington, Seattle,
USA, 3Tulane University, New Orleans, USA

Early Career Researcher

Assessment of restaurant beverage offerings and intake with children’s meals prior to
implementation of a children’s meal healthy default beverage ordinance in New Orleans, LA

Dr. Megan Knapp1, Dr. Melissa Fuster2, Lisa Hofmann1

1Xavier University of Louisiana, New Orleans, USA, 2Tulane University School of Public Health
and Tropical Medicine, New Orleans, USA


Environmental Influence on mHealth Engagement: Unveiling Pathways to Sustainable Health Behavior Change

Ms. Suzan Evers1, Dr. Astrid Kemperman1, Dr. Pieter van Gorp1

1Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, Netherlands