Workshop Video presentation: Move Well, Move Often’…

Move Well, Move Often’ – The practical application of fundamental movement skills for youth physical activity promotion.

Presenters: Wesley O’Brien, Bronagh McGrane, Johann Issartel, and Sarahjane Belton 

Schedule (to be confirmed): June 8, 8-12

This workshop will critically discuss and actively explore the thematic area of ‘fundamental movement skills’ (FMS), specifically for childhood physical activity promotion. Participants will practice basic observable patterns of movement through prescriptive tasks and a variety of assessment strategies. The workshop is designed to improve the critical eye of the participant towards the observation of FMS (both within and outside of the school environment). During the course of the workshop, participants will execute skills such as running in a straight line (locomotor) and/or performing a two-handed catch (object-related) etc. From these episodes of basic movement practice, participants will further their knowledge by critically assessing and monitoring levels of skill proficiency from the workshop delegates. This workshop will be particularly suited to those interested in the fields of childhood physical activity promotion, motor development, skill development, human movement, physical education and intervention implementation.