Socioeconomic inequalities webinar: Tackling multiple behaviour change among vulnerable groups with clusters of poor health behaviours

Start Date: 11/04/2015
End Date: 11/04/2015
Place: Webinar
Organization: Socioeconomic inequalities SIG

Tackling multiple behaviour change among vulnerable groups with clusters of poor health behaviours

Date and time

Date: Wednesday 4 Nov, 15:00 EST (4 nov, 20:00 London, 5 nov, 07:00, Melbourne, 5 nov 04:00 Hong Kong)


Adrian Taylor
Chair of Health Service Research, Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine & Dentistry, Devon, UK


Clusters of poor health behaviours, and associated chronic conditions are more common among disadvantaged and vulnerable groups (eg, people with poor mental health). This creates a challenge of tackling multiple behaviours and multiple chronic conditions in a patient-centred integrated way.  Psychological theories present mixed views on whether to focus on supporting change in multiple health behaviours sequentially or simultaneously, and the issue is nowhere more apparent than in preventing the typical 7kg of weight gain in the first year after smoking cessation.

The webinar will present evidence from studies on how physical activity can acutely influence urges for and actual engagement in other health behaviours including, smoking, alcohol and consumption of high energy food. 
The talk will then move on to describe the design and evaluation of exercise assisted reduction to stop smoking behavioural support intervention, within a pilot randomised trial, involving disadvantaged smokers who wish to reduce but not quit. 
Finally, the webinar will consider the design and evaluation of two interventions to promote physical activity among patients being treated for depression. We have tried to overcome barriers to engaging less active patients through subtly integrating a focus on movement within standard behavioural activation psychological therapy.

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