Serious Health Games and Apps Conference

Start Date: 11/30/2015
End Date: 12/01/2015
Place: Ghent, Belgium
Organization: Ghent University (Prof. dr. Ilse De Bourdeaudhuij, Prof. dr. Geert Crombez, Mrs. Ann DeSmet, Mrs. Jolien Plaete)

The conference addresses the following topics:

  • –  Which theories and behavior change techniques contribute to game and app effectiveness? Can we apply the

    same behavior change techniques and theories to games and apps, as in other types of health promotion programs?

  • –  Are adaptations needed, and how much adaptation without compromising effectiveness?

  • –  How to best evaluate and report health game and app effectiveness?

  • –  Which cost-effective ways are available to create health games and apps?

  • –  How to create your own health app?

    The first day includes an introduction of these topics by two keynote speakers, Tom Baranowski and Janice Baranowski
    (Baylor College of Medicine, US, editor-in-chief and editor of Games for Health journal) and Ralph Maddison (University
    of Auckland, NZ). Several invited speakers will also discuss the theoretical issues. The second day is more of an applied
    nature. Two parallel practical workshops will be organized, one on app creation, instructed by Leanne Morisson, and one
    on game creation, by Ralph Maddison. These topics will furthermore be illustrated in several projects from Flanders and
    the Netherlands on serious health games and apps.

  • Target audience.

    This conference welcomes health (promotion) professionals and behavior change experts who wish to use serious games
    or mobile apps to promote health, but may also appeal to other professions, such as educational game experts, or social
    and communication scientists. The workshops present do-it-yourself approaches to (gamified) app creation for health
    and behavior change professionals, and do not handle advanced technical, graphical or programming issues.

    Attendance rates and registration.
    Regular rate: € 200 • Student rate: € 125
    Includes: conference attendance, lunches, snacks, and beverages for both days.

  • Poster presentations.

    There is an opportunity for poster presentations at the seminar. Please submit your abstract of max. 500 words before
    October 15th
    to [email protected] 

  • More information on the website.

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