(Recording available) ISBNPA Webinar SIG e- & mHealth: Winning e- & mHealth funding and creating successful international collaborations

Start Date: 01/24/2017
End Date: 01/24/2017
Place: Webinar
Organization: SIG e- & mHealth

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When: January 24, 2017
Time: 10:00 EST (which means 15:00 GMT, January 25 2:00 AEDT Melbourne Time, sorry… )

Title of webinar

"Winning e- & mHealth funding and creating successful international collaborations".

SIG Chair 

Carol Maher, University of South Australia



Lucy Yardley, University of Southampton

Sonia Lippke, Jacobs University  


Webinar moderator

Petra Wark, Coventry University, & Andre Müller, University of Southampton


Winning e- & mHealth funding is challenging. A winning bid does not only require a solid proposal to appropriately address a research question that is relevant to the funder, but also often creativity and (international) collaboration. In this webinar the speakers will cover the following points:

1.     Where can e- & mHealth grant funding opportunities be found?

2.     What does a strong e- & mHealth related grant application need/ how important is innovation to funders?

3.     How to develop international collaborations/what are the important key points to building strong networks/how to decide when to collaborate and when not

4.     What are the lessons learnt when applying for e- & mHealth related grants?

Following a presentation by each of the speakers there will be about 30 minutes of Q & A.

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