Recruitment strategies for inclusive aging research: A ISBNPA SIG Aging’s Webinar

Video recording available here


October 14, 2020, 8:00 PM GMT



Afroditi Stathi, University of Birmingham
Brenda Berendsen, Maastricht University

Trynke Hoekstra, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam,

SIG Leaders:
Janet Boekhout & Maria Gine Garriga


Part 1: Challenges of recruitment to randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and successful strategies to overcome them should be clearly communicated with the academic community to improve recruitment into future trials. Dr Stathi will identify lessons learnt from a range of recruitment strategies employed in the REtirement in ACTion (REACT) targeting older adults at high risk of mobility disability which successfully recruited to target. She will highlight what the original recruitment plan was and what adjustments were required and discuss the most successful recruitment methods. Dr Stathi will conclude her talk stressing the need for targeted efforts to achieve more ethnically diverse cohorts and providing ideas for more inclusive ageing research.

Part 2: What are opportunities and challenges for reaching elderly with an (eHealth) intervention? Implementation of an evidence-based intervention in a real-life setting requires a thorough approach. Dr. Berendsen will demonstrate how the reach, and success factors for reaching the target population differ between the research setting and real-life setting, in a lifestyle intervention for elderly. We will link our experiences with theory about active participation of the target population, dissemination strategies. We aim to offer praleads so you can optimize the reach in current and future projects