NESI ISBNPA/ISPAH Joint Webinar: Surviving your PhD without burnout

Date & Time

Nov 26th  2018, London  9:00 pm; Nov 26th 2018, New York 4:00pm; Nov 27th2018, Melbourne 8:00am

Prof Jim Sallis, University of California, San Diego
Prof Erica Hinckson, Auckland University of Technology

Siona Fernandes, Deakin University

Feeling overwhelmed by the expectations you need to meet during your PhD? This can often pave the way to experiencing burn out. Trust me you are not alone!
Should you manage your time or your energy?

Two leading academic expert practitioners share the ‘nuggets’ on how to get the odds on your side, and transform ‘survival’ to ‘enjoyment’ in your PhD journey!

The webinar strongly encourages open dialogue and inquiry with our experts, for which we have allocated 20 minutes.