May 24, 2023 (1400 UTC): Joint ISBNPA, SBM, and UK SBM Webinar, Cancer Prevention and Management SIG: How to recruit diverse populations into research studies


How to recruit diverse populations into research studies



May 24, 2023, 14:00 UTC



Jamie L Studts, University of Colorado

Lee Green, Moffitt Cancer Centre, Florida

Shoba Dawson, University of Bristol


Hannah Doughty, University of Liverpool


Research is imperative to our understanding of how to shape clinical practice, in order to improve service delivery and patient outcomes. However, individuals from racial and ethnic minority groups are often underrepresented in research studies. Individuals from these groups can experience barriers to accessing healthcare, and can experience poorer outcomes and experiences, compared to the general population. Experiencing disparities in research can further exasperate health inequalities, and researchers need to consider the barriers to participation, in order to facilitate inclusivity in research. This webinar will be in the form of a panel discussion, and will include insights from Dr Jamie Studts, Dr Lee Green, and Dr Shoba Dawson, on the topics of cancer health disparities, community-based participatory research, and inclusivity in research. Overall, attendees will learn about the barriers that can impact participation in research and will gain insight into how to ensure research is representative of diverse and under-served populations.