May 23, 2023 (1600 UTC), SocioEconomic Inequalities SIG Online Workshop: Inclusive Research and Program Development: 5 Lessons from Reality TV on Health Equity


Inclusive Research and Program Development: 5 Lessons from Reality TV on Health Equity



May 23, 2023, 16:00 UTC



Sumita Kunashakaran, Chief Inclusion Officer, Inclusive Creation,


Laurel Curran, School of Public Health, Texas A&M University,


What do home makeover shows have to do with health equity? Everything. Home design is all about choices. Making your choices an intentional part of research in health equity can transform complex challenges into elegant results. This interactive workshop rethinks traditional approaches to health research, whether on physical activity, nutrition, or access to health information and services, using design as a method for incorporating diverse voices, including historically under-represented groups of people, in the research process. You’ll come away with a concrete roadmap you can use to co-create your next research project!

Sample questions attendees will encounter include: In what ways are we intentionally or unintentionally excluding subsets of the community? How can we be better listeners, communicators, and advocates for our communities? How can we center equity in our work?

Participants will leave equipped with the knowledge and ability to use inclusive design in their own work. They will also be challenged to identify their roles in promoting equity while creating actionable steps to promote inclusive design in the future. This workshop will challenge and encourage participants to self-reflect, peer-educate, and raise their own consciousness surrounding accessible initiatives.