ISBNPA NESI / ISPAH/ UKSBM Joint Webinar: How to manage our research/life during the corona crisis


June 2, GMT, 8PM; London 9 PM; Boston 4PM; Vancouver 1PM

June 3, Auckland, 8AM; Melbourne 6AM


Professor Kylie Ball, Deakin University

Professor Annie Anderson, University of Dundee


Sarah Shaw, University of Southampton

Sofia Strommer, University of Southampton


The coronavirus pandemic has had a large impact on everyone’s personal and professional lives. In this webinar, we will explore the challenges PhD students and ECR’s may face as a result of coronavirus and the best ways to deal with the impacts of the pandemic. Professor Kylie Ball, Deakin University, and Professor Annie Anderson, University of Dundee, will share their views on the best ways to stay motivated during the lockdown period in order to progress with our research. They will also discuss ways we can deal with the unexpected changes to our research plans and stresses associated with our altered working environments. This webinar will also involve a Q&A session. Individuals who cannot attend the webinar and would like to ask a question to our speakers, are welcome to communicate their question via Sarah Shaw ([email protected])