What is the ISBNPA Strategic Plan 2022-2025

Since 2021, the President and the Executive Committee of ISBNPA have embarked on a journey to modernize and streamline ISBNPA’s strategic direction and plan. It was important to engage in a process that provided a comprehensive understanding of the past, present and future so that we could establish a clear vision and mission, recognize key priorities with the most potential impact, identify low hanging fruit and action swiftly, align our efforts, optimize resources, address challenges and frictions, facilitate informed decision-making, monitor progress and engage meaningfully with the members of our Society. This plan is our roadmap for the next few years for our Society’s on going growth and development, inclusive governance and sustainability. 

Our Vision

ISBNPA is the leading international research community in behavioral nutrition and physical activity

 Our Mission

We stimulate and promote innovative and impactful research in behavioral nutrition and physical activity to improve human health and well-being worldwide.

The Vision and Mission are realized through four strategic priorities:

  • Climate Action
  • Research Impact
  • Inclusive Culture
  • Growing the Next Generation