20% membership is now from LMICs: Inclusivity and Diversity Strategic Plan Initiative


The ISBNPA has achieved a significant milestone, with 20% of its membership now drawn from low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). This represents an increase from a historical figure of less than 5%, effectively quadrupling the representation from these regions.

This noteworthy achievement equates to around 100 members and comes as a result of several initiatives, most notably the ISBNPA Ambassadors program.

A critical component in achieving this success has been the concerted efforts of the members of the Inclusivity and Diversity Strategic Plan initiative. Their mission to foster an inclusive environment that respects diversity and promotes equality has been instrumental in reaching this milestone.

The Inclusivity and Diversity Strategic Plan initiative has been working tirelessly to ensure that all members, regardless of their geographical location or economic status, have equal access to resources, opportunities, and benefits. By doing so, ISBNPA aims to address health disparities globally through research, practice, policy development, and advocacy in behavioral nutrition and physical activity.

This achievement marks a significant step towards realizing our goal for inclusive representation within ISBNPA. We believe that it is only through such diversity that we can truly achieve our mission – to promote better human and planetary health globally through improved understanding of dietary and physical activity behaviors.

We extend our gratitude to all those who contributed towards reaching this milestone. The success of this initiative is testament to their dedication towards fostering inclusivity within our organization.

By achieving this milestone, ISBNPA is leading by example in demonstrating how scientific societies can make meaningful strides towards inclusivity. As we celebrate this achievement today, we are also reminded that there is more work ahead. We remain committed to furthering our efforts towards equitable representation in our society.

The ISBNPA family welcomes and encourages individuals from all backgrounds to join us as we continue our journey towards inclusivity, diversity, and global health promotion.