ISBNPA Carbon Footprint Report 2024 (mid-year, after the annual meeting)

We have calculated our Greenhouse Gas Emissions in June 2024, to accommodate the emissions from the ISBNPA2024 Annual Meeting, our most significant source of emissions.

Subject 1 Annual Meeting20242023per capita 2024per capita 20232024%2023%
518 attendees3Travel305.021715.000.591.3582.30%92.73%
3Food and Beverage5.678.700.010.011.53%0.47%
3AV and Venue30.6040.480.060.038.26%2.19%
Subject 2 IJBNPA3IJBNPA7.5014.990.010.012.02%0.81%

After conducting our analysis (June 5, 2024), we have determined that the total amount of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions was 370.63 tCO2e. This equates to an average of approximately 0.72 tCO2e per ISBNPA member (518). This is about 8.5% of the advanced economies’ yearly average CO2e per capita (8.40 tCO2e).

  • Travel // 113 g per km, Greenhouse Gas Protocol, 2024) // large countries average distance from two major cities, smaller countries, main city
  • Accommodation // 14Kg per night (Circular ecology, 2023) // average 4 nights
  • Food and beverage // 6 meals, vegetarian, using 1.9tCO2e year per individual (Wilson, 2024) //
  • AV and Venue // 86K AV// used – Carbon Footprint Calculator
  • IJBNPA // Calculated using the total number of published papers by Springer / Springer CO2e =0.10, multiplied by the 75 papers IJBNPA published so far

Calculation Tools and Guidance | GHG Protocol