Sept 25, 2023 (UTC) Joint Webinar: Cancer Prevention and Management SIG of ISBNPA, UK Society of Behavioural Medicine, Physical Activity SIG of the Society of Behavioural Medicine

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How to recruit patients with advanced or rare cancers into research studies


September 25, 2023, 0700 UTC




Nicolas Hart, University of Technology Sydney


Hannah Doughty, University of Liverpool

Rebecca Beeken, University of Leeds


Individuals affected by advanced or rare cancers can experience unique challenges including progressive physical, psychological, and functional decline that impact their overall well-being. Due to advances in screening and treatment, people are living longer with their cancer. However, people are not necessarily living well and complex physical and psychosocial needs are common. Physical activity can help to improve an individual’s physical and mental well-being; however engaging people with advanced or rare cancers to participate in exercise programs is challenging. Dovetailing with the previous webinar on the topic of how to recruit diverse population into research studies, this webinar will include insights from Associate Professor Nicolas Hart on the complexities of conducting physical activity research with patients with advanced or rare cancers. Overall, attendees will learn about the barriers to and facilitators of physical activity engagement in this field and research about research that is still required.