Oct 10, 2023 (0900 UTC) Webinar ISBNPA Mentoring Program. Optimizing Mentorship: Perspectives from Mentors and a Mentee

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Optimizing Mentorship: Perspectives from Mentors and a Mentee


October 10, 2023, 09:00 UTC




Dr Brittany Johnson, Flinders University

Dr Ruth Lowry, University of Essex

Dr Esther van Sluijs, University of Cambridge


Dr Simone Verswijveren, Deakin University

Dr Alissa Burnett, Deakin University


Join us for the ISBNPA Mentoring Program’s first online webinar: “Optimizing Mentorship: Perspectives from Mentors and a Mentee”. In this dynamic session, we bring together two mentors and one mentee, each with unique experiences and perspectives, to share their valuable insights on how to maximize the benefits of mentorship.

During this 60-minute webinar, Dr Brittany Johnson (Flinders University, mentee), Dr Esther van Sluijs (University of Cambridge, Mentor) and Dr Ruth Lowry (University of Essex, Mentor) will present their reflections on their mentoring journeys. They will discuss practical tips, unexpected challenges, transformative learnings, and the pivotal role that mentorship has played in their personal and professional growth.

Following the speaker presentations, we will transition into an engaging 15-minute interactive Q&A session, allowing you to ask questions, seek advice, and gain further insights into the world of mentoring. This webinar offers attendees a unique opportunity to learn about the strategies and dynamics to maximize mentorship, enabling them to optimize their mentoring journeys.