Apr 19, 2024 (1300 UTC). Webinar SIG Cancer Prevention and Management: Prehabilitation in Cancer Care

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Prehabilitation in Cancer Care



April 19, 2024, 1300 UTC


Daniel Santa Mina, Associate Professor, University of Toronto,
Louise H Hall, Research Fellow, University of Leeds,

Hannah Doughty, Research Associate, University of Liverpool,

Becca Beeken, Associate Professor of Behavioural Medicine, University of Leeds,

Linda Trinh, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto


Prehabilitation is defined as the practice of enhancing a patient’s functional capacity before treatment, with the aim of improving post-treatment outcomes. Evidence supports the therapeutic benefits of prehabilitation programmes, such as reducing a patient’s length of stay in hospital and reducing treatment complications, alongside improving post-treatment physical, and psychological well-being. Although prehabilitation programs are becoming more prevalent, implementing prehabilitation programs into routine cancer care can be challenging. This webinar will include expert insights from Dr Daniel Santa Mina and Dr Louise Hall on lessons learnt in prehabilitation research and practice, and challenges encountered in the design and development of prehabilitation programs. Attendees will learn about the potential for prehabilitation to be a care element in the pathway for different types of cancer and their treatment.