Winners of the best 2014 IJBNPA papers

We were delighted to announce
the winners of the best papers published in the Society’s journal (IJBNPA) in
The four awards were presented at the
recent ISBNPA annual conference in Edinburgh to:


Best Observational Paper – IJBNPA 2014 

Rajna Golubic, Kathryn R Martin, Ulf
Ekelund, Rebecca Hardy, Diana Kuh,
Nicholas Wareham, Rachel Cooper and Soren Brage
“Levels of physical activity among a nationally representative sample of people
in early old age: results of objective and self-reported assessments”


Best Systematic Review Paper – IJBNPA 2014 

Paul Kelly, Sonja Kahlmeier, Thomas
Götschi, Nicola Orsini, Justin Richards, Nia Roberts, 
Peter Scarborough and Charlie Foster
“Systematic review and meta-analysis of reduction in all-cause mortality from
walking and cycling and shape of dose response relationship”


Best Randomised Controlled Trial Paper
 – IJBNPA 2014 (
Joint winners)

Vicente Martínez-Vizcaíno, Mairena
Sánchez-López, Blanca Notario-Pacheco, Fernando
Salcedo-Aguilar, Montserrat Solera-Martínez, Pablo
Franquelo-Morales, Sara López-Martínez, Jorge C García-Prieto, Natalia
Arias-Palencia, Coral Torrijos-Niño, Ricardo
Mora-Rodríguez and Fernando Rodríguez-Artalejo
“Gender differences on effectiveness of a school-based physical activity
intervention for reducing cardio-metabolic risk: a cluster randomized trial”


Meaghan S Christian, Charlotte EL
Evans, Camilla Nykjaer, Neil Hancock and Janet E Cade
“Evaluation of the impact of a school gardening intervention on children’s
fruit and vegetable intake: a randomised controlled trial” (