Tribute to Professor Jane Wardle

By Kylie Ball, ISBNPA Fellow, on behalf of

ISBNPA mourn the loss of one of our
long-term members and supporters, Professor Jane Wardle, who sadly passed away
on 20th October 2015. As is evident by the many touching obituaries
and tributes (e.g. link),
Professor Wardle was not only an outstanding researcher and intellect, she was
also a generous and highly-regarded leader, collaborator and mentor.  Her passion and advocacy in behavioural science
research stimulated countless research careers, including my own, having been
inspired by Professor Wardle’s mentorship from a very early career stage.
ISBNPA has benefitted significantly from Professor Wardle’s contributions. 

She regularly
co-authored papers published in IJBNPA, among them, for example, reports on
studies that have advanced understanding of children’s dietary (
and physical activity (
behaviours, and evaluations of innovative dietary behaviour change interventions
was a frequent contributor to presentations at ISBNPA annual meetings,
including as a keynote speaker at one of the earliest meetings, where she gave
an outstanding address on cutting edge research on the genetic and
environmental interplay of obesity determinants.
She was an active
member of the IJBNPA Editorial Board, and a tireless peer reviewer; and a
mentor to many early career members of the ISBNPA. 

The ISBNPA pay tribute to
Professor Wardle’s enormous contributions to our members, our Society and our