SIGs’ Meetings in Edinburgh, 2015

This is a brief newsflash to draw your attention to the work of the ISBNPA Special Interest Groups (SIGs). The SIGs focus their attention on one specific aspect within our field of research. The overarching aim of the SIGs is to connect researchers with like-minded interests in order to advance the science in those areas. The SIGs are ‘self-organising’ and the Leaders of each SIG can choose how they interact with their members, as such no two SIGs are alike. While SIGs are not a ‘new’ feature for ISBNPA, there has been a lot of activity in this area in recent time and we now have 7 SIGs (see below). 

All the SIGs have been allocated time and a room to meet and interact with their members during the Edinburgh Annual Meeting. We would like to encourage everybody to attend a SIG meeting! All 7 SIG meetings will happen simultaneously at the end of the first conference day: Thursday June 4th from 18.15 to 19.15.  Drinks and nibbles will be provided in or near the SIG meeting rooms to make this social event more enjoyable.


Below you can find an overview of all SIGs, with contact details of the SIG Leaders, in case you want to find out what they have planned for their meetings. 


Best regards,

Corneel Vandelanotte, on behalf of the ISBNPA SIG Committee



Cancer Prevention and Management SIG:


This SIG focuses on the role of physical activity, diet and weight management in cancer prevention, it also focuses on the impact of lifestyle interventions have in cancer survivors. SIG Leaders: Annie S. Anderson ([email protected] ), Laurien Buffart ([email protected]), Erica James ([email protected]).Meeting room: Ochil


Children and Families SIG:


This SIG is dedicated to research of obesity, behavioral nutrition and physical activity in children and parents. SIG Leaders: Leah Lipsky ([email protected]), Tonja Nansel ([email protected]).Meeting room: Moorfoot


Early Care and Education SIG:


This SIG focuses on improving the young child’s health, growth and development through healthy eating, regular physical activity and minimizing sedentary behaviors. SIG Leaders: Dianne Ward ([email protected]), Pooja Tandon ([email protected]), Trina Hinkley ([email protected]). 

Meeting room: Carrick


e- & mHealth SIG:


This SIG provides a platform to address e- & mHealth related research within the framework provided by ISBNPA. SIG Leaders: Corneel Vandelanotte ([email protected]), Carol Maher ([email protected]). 

Meeting room: Fintry Auditorium


Motivational Dynamics SIG:


This SIG aims to advance knowledge on motivational dynamics (e.g., SDT, motivational interviewing) in relation to behavioural change with a focus on nutrition, physical activity and sedentary behaviours. SIG Leaders: Pedro Teixeira ([email protected]), Nathalie Aelterman ([email protected]). 

Meeting room: Tinto


Policies and Environments SIG:


The goal of this SIG is to facilitate a network of ISBNPA members that are working in the area of environment and policy research to improve diet and physical activity.  SIG Leaders: April Oh ([email protected]), Stefanie Vandevijvere ([email protected]).  

Meeting room: Kilsyth


Socioeconomic inequalities SIG:


This SIG addresses issues related to socioeconomic inequalities in behavioural nutrition and physical activity.  SIG Leaders: Frank J. van Lenthe ([email protected]), Pernille Due ([email protected]),  Lukar Thornton ([email protected]).Meeting room: Pentland Auditorium