SBM’s Provocative Questions Initiative

Dear colleague,


We are disseminating SBM’s initiative on Provocative Questions, which aligns with our own #Dare2Share initiative.


Please take note of the text below, sent to us by SBM, and complete the survey.


The Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) has an ambitious new goal and we need your help. The goal is to define those areas of behavioral medicine research that need to be addressed in the next 20 years, so we can influence the research agenda of the future. We think about it as the “Grand Challenge,” “Moonshot Idea” or “Provocative Questions” of behavioral medicine.  


Think about a provocative question or questions in behavioral medicine. This could be a new issue or an existing, important problem that still has not been addressed and needs a new approach. Or think about those areas of behavioral medicine that keep you up at night and that need new approaches and solutions. We invite you to make assumptions about what will be achieved in the next 20 years and to highlight the challenges that will be still major obstacles.


Once we receive your responses, we will catalogue and cluster all answers. We will share the results for ranking. The end result is a democratically, crowd-sourced research agenda for the future that will propel the field forward and address our most stubborn and important health problems.