REWARD symposium – presentation of the findings

On October 27 and 28, we will organize our two day
symposium, in the context of our IWT SBO-project
Reward, at the Royal Library Brussels. At the
symposium, the results of 4 years of research about
reward sensitivity and eating habits of children and
adolescents will be presented. The results will be
presented in context of international research and will
be linked to the practice of health promotion in

The closing symposium consists of two days:

DAY 1: Scientific part: Is there a future for healthy food

With this day we like to inform scientists,
stakeholders and other people involved about the
results of the investigation. These results will be
integrated in an international context. Different
reputable speakers from abroad will give a
presentation on this day: prof. Stephanie AnzmanFrasca,
prof. Jens Blechert, prof. Graham Finlayson,
and prof. Stef Kremers. The role of neurobiology,
learning processes and the environment will be
discussed. Please note, language of this day will be

DAY 2: Valorization part:
Can we learn children and
adolescents to make the healthy choice?
With this day we like to inform scientists,
stakeholders, health promotion organisations, and
other actors involved about the implications of the
study results for the promotion of healthy food
choices in children and adolescents. There will be
ample time to debate, and the meetings with other
people will make it possible to expand the
professional network. Please note, the language of
this day will be Dutch.