Pioneer program-funded study published in February 2024

We are excited to share the news that a Pioneer Program-funded study paper was recently published.
The paper, titled “Indian adolescents’ perceptions of anaemia and its preventive measures: A qualitative study” by Neha Rathi et al, was published in the Journal of Nutritional Science in February 2024. This groundbreaking research delves into the perceptions of Indian adolescents regarding anaemia and its preventive measures, shedding light on important factors that influence their understanding and behavior towards this prevalent health issue.

It is worth noting that this paper is a result of the ISBNPA Pioneer program funding scheme, which supports innovative research in the field of behavioral nutrition and physical activity. The authors’ dedication to advancing knowledge in this area is evident in their thorough analysis and compelling insights. We hope that this study will contribute to raising awareness about anaemia and promoting effective preventive measures among adolescents in India and beyond.

Access the paper via this link