Nominations for the ISBNPA 2023 Elections

The ISBNPA Executive Committee will have several positions up to election in November 2022. Both ISBNPA members and non-members may suggest nominees for those positions. Only ISBNPA members can be included in the ballot or vote.

As part of the ISBNPA community (current member or not) you are invited to submit nominations (only ISBNPA members can be nominated) for the election of the following ISBNPA Executive Committee positions:

–   4 members-at-large
    – Terms will run from June 2023 until June 2026
    – Members-at-Large will include at least one representative from each geographical region of the world. These regions are Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, North America, and South America or the Caribbean.
          – The current EC composition is available here (
          – We will accept nominations from all regions, but we are actively seeking nominations from South America or the Caribbean; Asia and Africa.

**Please use the form below and complete your nominations by October 17, 2021.**

Please note that your name must appear on the nomination form to validate your nomination.
Self-nominations are accepted.

Your nominations will be considered by ISBNPA’s Nominations Committee while creating a final short-list of nominees.