Update from the NESI team

Meet the NESI team

Simone Verswijveren (student rep; Chair), Jenna Hollis (ECR rep) and Ines Santos (ECR rep) are leading the new NESI committee. Meet the NESI team

Communication team: Brittany Johnson, Alissa Burnett, Kate Parker, Jelle Arts

Webinar/Workshop team: Sarah Shaw, Steph Chappel, Emma Lawlor, Lexi Jones, Teferi Mekonnen, Patrick Abi Nader 

Networking team: Jane Yu, Arlene McGarty, Sarah Burkart, Hilary Caldwell, Gwenn Porter, Christine St Laurent

Student & ECR spotlight

Meet Gwenn Porter, implementation scientist studying weight management


Have you had a chance to look at the new ISBNPA app? Join us at the app platform to discover, network, and #dare2share your research with the NESI community and introduce yourself on the NESI channel.