Massive Open Online Course “The Science of Weight Loss: Dispelling Diet Myths”

Another great learning opportunity is being offered by the group of Professor Clare Collins, a confirmed keynote for ISBNPA 2023.

Read on to learn more and register.

We want to let you know our Massive Open Online Course is running again, “The Science of Weight Loss: Dispelling Diet Myths”.  

The course is a FREE online course suitable for anyone interested in nutrition for weight management for either themselves or someone they know, or any nutrition professionals needing a refresher. It runs for 6 weeks, is available internationally, and covers the following topics: 

•          Key weight management concepts including measuring body composition, calories and kilojoules, energy density, portion size, and metabolic rate 

•          The nutritional composition of different foods 

•          How to use dietary assessment tools and calculate energy requirements 

•          How to identify features of fad diets and healthy diets 

•          Key behaviours for successful long term maintenance of lost weight 

 The course has also just been updated to include content on mindful and intuitive eating, teaching individuals how to minimize external drivers of energy intake by emphasising the sensory properties of foods and internal indicators of hunger and fullness. 

It starts on the 19th October, 2022 and interested learners can sign up here   

 Since the first run of the course back in 2017, we have had over 65,000 learners from over 180 countries enrol.  

 Any questions regarding the course can be directed to Erin Clarke [email protected]