ISBNPA Assembly General of the Members 2023

The 2023 ISBNPA AGM was held on May 16, 2000 UTC, in a virtual room.

The recording of the event is available below.

The call for this AGM is copied below.

All ISBNPA members are invited to participate in the annual Assembly General of the Members, next May 16, 2000 UTC, in a virtual room.

The agenda is as follows;

  1. 10 min President’s update
    1. Welcoming new EC members, thanks to outgoing EC members 
  2. 20 min Strategic Plan Initiative reports (5 min each) 
  3. 5 min IJBNPA report
  4. 5 min Treasurer report
  5. 10 min Overview of the ISBNPA committees activities  
  6. Q&A and AOB

All members were contacted via email with details about this meeting. If you are a member and have not received the invitation, please contact Antonio Palmeira.