ISBNPA 2017 Workshop, few places left: Grasping Physical Activity: Using 3D printers to visualize physical activity

A frequently cited barrier to physical activity is that guidelines are difficult to measure, interpret and apply in terms of everyday activities. Recent research has investigated the integration of 3D printing to create a tangible output, which provides children with a novel and exciting way to conceptualize their physical activity levels.
This interactive session will present the real-time monitoring and visualization of physical activity as well as collect live data that is simultaneously displayed on the screen and subsequently printed in the form of a 3D shape. The greater the range of movements, the more interesting the shape! This will then be used to discuss key public health messages regarding physical activity and the process that went into developing the coding for the models and the choice of model shapes. Those interested in Engineering, Physiology, Physical Activity, Health, Psychology and Computer Science will be intrigued by this holistic approach.