Call for IJBNPA’s Editor-in-Chief

Job Description 

We are seeking an Editor-in-Chief for IJBNPA to handle new submissions, and continue to enhance the journal’s quality and reputation. IJBNPA is currently a Q1 and 6.457 Impact factor publication.

Key Tasks 

The tasks to be undertaken will include but not be limited to: 

  • Solicit, receive and process new contributions to the journal from June 1st 2022 to May 2024, through the peer review process via the Springer/BMC online submission system. 
  • Appoint and supervise the Deputy-Editors, Associate Editors and the Editorial Board. 
  • Maintain and enhance the journal’s quality and reputation. 
  • Work with the publisher and the Editorial Board to develop the editorial strategy and direction of the journal and to serve as ambassador for the journal. 
  • Promote the journal via social media, professional meetings and other opportunities.  
  • Work in partnership with ISBNPA to advance the research field of behavioral nutrition and physical activity.  
  • Manage the Editorial Assistant / Journal Manager 

Person Specification 

Desirable traits in a candidate include:  

  • Breadth of knowledge in the various topics, research methods, and professional issues encompassed by the journal.  
  • Experience with the peer review process associated with scholarly work in behavioral nutrition and physical activity.  
  • Enthusiasm for continuing to build the publication’s content and reputation. 
  • Maintenance of high standards in research.  
  • Candidates should have a demonstrated ability to exercise timely, clear, and fair judgements in difficult decision-making circumstances, as well as excellent organisational skills and a high degree of commitment. 

Springer/BMC will provide an annual stipend as well as the online manuscript and peer review management system. (The current editor has donated this stipend to the Society in lieu of ISBNPA memberships for the Associate Editors but this will be a decision for the new EIC). Training will be provided on the system, and an Editorial Assistant will be assigned by the Society (ISBNPA) to assist with the administration of the system. 

Application Procedure 

Applications must include a letter of interest, specifically referring to why you believe you are particularly qualified for the role of Editor-in-Chief and how you see your role in the future development and direction of the journal (maximum of 2 sides of A4). A short CV should also be submitted (maximum of 2 sides of A4).

Applications should be sent to this email.


  • Call is opne until December 31st, 2021.
  • Applications will be evaluated, potentially with individual interviews, during January, 2022.
  • A decision is made by February 15, 2022.
  • Training of the new EiC should start in early March, 2022 until the handover in late May 2022.