A tribute to Susie Nanney

You are never prepared for news like these. 
Early this week we learned that Susie Nanney, a dear colleague and long-time member of ISBNPA, has passed away in an accident.
Just a few weeks ago Susie was, as usual, brilliant as chair of the ISBNPA 2018′ pre-conference workshop "Integrating research, clinical practice, policy and community resources to address nutrition- and physical activity-related health disparities." 
We do not doubt that behavioral nutrition and physical activity science is poorer with Susie’s departure, but we are also confident that her mentorship and example will inspire all of us to keep going, disseminating both her knowledge and her mission.
Several other tributes are becoming available, a reflection of how Susie impacted the lives around her.  If you want to join us in this tribute, please visit University of Minnesota’s tribute to Susie available here http://image.ecommunications2.umn.edu/lib/fe8f12737c61067b74/m/1/61cc8391-a1bb-4914-a14f-dea60a22c1a….