2022 Early Career Researcher/PhD Student Seed Funding

ISBNPA-Cancer Prevention and Management (CPM) Special Interest Group

Due July 15, 2022 by 11:59pm ET

This seed funding opportunity has been developed to assist ECRs and/or senior PhD students with a research initiative or project and/or to collect pilot data to inform future research endeavors. This funding, of up to $1,250 USD, is available for a one-year period. Awarding and distribution of funds is contingent on available funding for that year and subject to final review and recommendation by the ISBNPA executive committee. Please write your application with the elements below and submit it to the chair of the CPM Special Interest Group at: [email protected]

Eligibility criteria:

  • Early career researchers (including trainees) who are no more than 5 years post-PhD or senior PhD students who are in their final year of study
    • If post 5 years due to a career disruption, please provide a statement of explanation.
  • Scope of the project must fit with theme of cancer prevention and management
  • Maximum of ONE project submission per applicant
  • Must be a member of the Cancer Prevention and Management (CPM) SIG
  1. Project Title
  • Project Investigators and affiliations
  • Rationale/Introduction of the proposed project (maximum 200 words)
  • Aims/Objectives (maximum 100 words)
  • Methodology/Study Design (maximum 500 words)
  • Significance of the project (maximum 150 words)
  •  How does this research contribute to the vision and/or aims of the CPM SIG specifically and ISBNPA in general? (100 words)
  • Will the research team include other SIG members? If so, how will these members contribute to the scope of the research? (100 words)
  • Please provide details of how this research will be utilised to inform future research proposals (100 words)
  1. Please provide a brief itemised budget and justification for these budget items for the proposed project. Please use the template below (add rows where necessary).

PLEASE NOTE: Unless specified otherwise, seed funding is available for project operating costs (e.g., research staff, equipment/software, travel for data collection, etc.). Non-operating costs (e.g., conference travel, tuition or student fees, supplementing researcher salaries, etc.) are not eligible for seed funding. Maximum funding of up to $1,250 USD.

Budget Item and JustificationFunding Requested
Total Funding Requested 

Other Attachments:

  • Please also include a brief 2 page CV of the lead investigator who is applying for these funds.
  • Career disruption statement (if relevant)