What does NESI do?

NESI is the Network of Early Career Researchers and Students of ISBNPA, the leading voice in behavioral nutrition and physical activity science. NESI was founded in 2016 and our mission is to promote, stimulate and advocate the work and research of early career researchers and students in the area of behavioral nutrition and physical activity.

Who is eligible to be a NESI member?

All students and ECRs that are members of ISBNPA are automatically considered NESI members.

What is the NESI committee?

The NESI committee is made up of NESI members who volunteer their time to organize all the behind the scenes activities within ISBNPA that promote, stimulate and advocate the work and research of early career research and students. Wendy van Lippevelde, a founding member of NESI, now holds an advisory position on the NESI committee.

The NESI committee is generally chaired by the student representative/s elected to the ISBNPA Executive Committee, with support from the Executive Committee ECR representative/s. The committee is divided into three teams (each with a chair/co-chairs): communications team, networking team, and webinar/workshop team.

Meet the current NESI committee and teams here.

NESI committee members are generally appointed mid-year and hold their position until the next ISBNPA Annual Meeting. Members can choose to stay involved for multiple years or move into a different sub-team. Keep an eye out through social media posts and the e-newsletter for expressions of interest when there are openings in the NESI committee. Being part of the NESI committee is a great way to connect with other students/ECRs around the world, develop new skills, and contribute to ISBNPA. The NESI committee aims to include members from all continents.

To find out more or to get involved email us at [email protected].

What does the NESI communications team do?

The communications team organizes all the student and ECR related ISBNPA communications including social media posts and e-newsletter content, as well as profiling NESI members through ‘Spotlights’ on the website and running the NESI Blog.

We use social media posts and the e-newsletter to promote the amazing students and ECRs profiled in the Spotlights and to showcase recent publications in IJBNPA authored by NESI members. When you publish in IJBNPA send us an email at [email protected] and we can help promote it to the broader ISBNPA community.

We also use social media and the e-newsletter to share information about relevant networking or development opportunities with NESI members.

If you are interested in being profiled in a Spotlight, please complete the self-nomination form here.

The NESI Blog provides short blog posts on topics relevant to students and ECRs. Our blog authors range in career stage and experience. If you have a suggested blog topic or would like to write a blog please email us at [email protected].

What does the NESI networking team do?

The networking team organizes virtual and in-person networking opportunities to connect NESI members. In-person activities are centered around the ISBNPA Annual Meeting and often include a NESI member dinner, walking tour or meet up. The networking team includes NESI members who are local to the upcoming annual meeting city to ensure networking activities include the local tips.

In addition, the Networking team facilitates the NESI Zone at the annual meeting where NESI members can engage with each other as well as connect with other ISBNPA members learn about exciting opportunities (e.g., position announcements, leadership and mentoring opportunities).

Throughout the year the networking team seek to organize virtual activities that accommodate different time zones and allow NESI members to connect with each other around the world.

If you have a suggested virtual networking activity please email us at [email protected].

What does the NESI webinar/workshop team do?

The webinar/workshop team organize professional development opportunities targeted to NESI members. Each year the webinar/workshop team submit a pre-conference workshop pitch for the ISBNPA Annual Meeting. Workshops cover topics of relevance for student/ECR career stages and provide interactive activities to consolidate new skills, as well as networking opportunities to meet other NESI members.

Throughout the year the webinar/workshop team host webinars and virtual writing sessions (‘Shut up and Write’).

If you have a suggested workshop topic please email us at [email protected].