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Flo Health App
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The Flo Health App medical team is responsible for medical content creation and review.
We also address user complaints about medical information and can advise other teams on medical issues. We maintain partnership development with international medical and health organizations and associations. Our team builds strong peer-to-peer relationships with American and European medical experts. We conduct both internal scientific research projects and projects guided by partner academic institutions, such as Stanford University, Johns Hopkins University, Northwestern University, The University of Adelaide, and Texas Christian University.

For Science roles, we’re looking for specialists with:

  • PhD or Postdoc in Public Health, Health Promotion, Reproductive Medicine, Population Health, or Biomedicine, with a focus on Women’s Health

  • Tech industry experience and a strong publication record

For Medical roles, we ‘e looking for specialists with:

  • Medical degree with 3+ years of clinical practice

  • Working experience as a medical advisor for international pharmaceutical companies/health tech companies

  • A scientific background (PhD, scientific publications, or research experience) in women’s health/menstrual health research or infertility or reproductive health

How to Apply
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Assistant Professor or Associate Professor in Nutrition @ Texas State University

School of Family & Consumer Sciences, Texas State University

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