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A good colleague of mine recently told me, “You are only as good as your next grant.” I am very excited to share that I have just received a really great and exciting award!!! And, I am looking for a postdoctoral fellow to share the good times with!

Many of you have heard about my Sustainability via Active Garden Education (SAGE) project. SAGE has been NIH-funded by two grants and one cooperative agreement for over 10 years. And now, we just got a fourth award! Talk about letting the good times roll! I am so excited that SAGE is now part of the RADxUP family of research!

Yep, I was recently awarded a two-year opportunity to investigate strategies to get children safely back to in person learning via the RADxUP Back to School II research opportunity. The new project, Back to ECE Safely with SAGE—or just BE SAGE–builds on the original SAGE project. SAGE is a community engaged, free, garden-based physical activity and nutrition program for ECE sites in underserved areas in Phoenix, Arizona.

But, back on message–I am looking for a postdoctoral fellow. I have my favorite job ever in the Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in the Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation at ASU. I’ve got it all! I have great colleagues, amazing intellectual resources, unparalleled administrative support, a state of the science and really hip urban campus to work at, no winter, and, of course, I have a stellar research team at ASU. The only thing that is missing in my life right now is a talented and enthusiastic postdoc.

So, I’m asking you, my good colleagues, friends, and academic family, would you be willing to help me find the perfect postdoc to work with me on BE SAGE?

This position will be located at the Arizona State University Downtown Phoenix campus—downtown, because that is where the action is! ASU is a large, comprehensive, research university. ASU is called a “New American University,” one dedicated to the simultaneous pursuit of excellence, broad access to quality education, and meaningful societal impact. If you read our Charter and Design Aspirations, you will see that inclusion and success are our values that drive the enterprise. We are all about inter- and transdisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning as ways to address society’s greatest challenges.

Postdoctoral fellows are essential components of a successful research program. I am looking for a passionate postdoctoral scholar to ensure the productivity of the BE SAGE RADxUP study! I go into more details below, but for those of you only skimming: If you or someone you know may be interested, then please email a cover letter and CV to me at [email protected]. And, forward this link widely! Also, yeah, and while you are at it, please follow me on Twitter: @DoctorLee and the SAGE project @SAGE_research_

Now, you know that qualified applicants are going to have to show proof that they are eligible to work in the USA and have completed their PhD in a health-related research area such as public health, psychology, health communication, or nursing from an accredited university—that is just university policy. Also, I am looking for someone who has a desire and commitment to working with underserved populations, and who has really great prior research experience, working on research projects, preferably NIH or other federally funded projects. Applicants will also have to show evidence of effective communication skills both speaking and writing, because as scientific leaders, that is mostly what we do.

Fellowship duties will involve a combination of the following activities: grant development and writing; data analysis; demonstrating and advancing an independent plan of research; and mentoring and peer mentoring activities. The postdoctoral fellow will work with data and analyses investigating COVID-19 mitigation strategies, physical activity, behavioral nutrition and sustainability of health habits using policy and environmental strategies in ECE sites. The postdoctoral fellow will collaborate and lead scholarly activities including publishing scientific manuscripts, writing grants and presenting scientific findings. To sum up: there’s heaps of data, lots of writing, and this person would get to work with me—this opportunity is an E ticket ride!

Something else that is super cool about this opportunity is that the RADxUP opportunity is that it includes over 70 research groups throughout the US along with a data coordination site. So hypothetically, a postdoc in this position will get to make connections all around everywhere with lots of other investigators—this is networking bonanza!

Wait, did I mention that RADxUP stands for Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostic Testing in Underserved Populations? The RADxUP opportunity aims to get children back to in person learning by using the ASU COVID-19 saliva test along with other strategies that reduce transmission such as masks, distancing, hand washing, and outdoor learning—that is where the SAGE garden stuff comes in. BE SAGE is an extension of SAGE. For the BE SAGE study, parents and children at designated ECE sites are invited to participate in free, back-to-ECE safely COVID-19 screening using the ASU COVID-19 saliva test.  

And then we roll out the SAGE garden curriculum using some technology enhancements to help get teachers and kids out of doors and close the education gap that has been happening during the pandemic. Of course, we give the kiddos hats to keep them safe from the sun exposure (after 10 years we have really thought of everything).

Rebecca E. Lee, PhD
Professor, Edson College of Nursing & Health Innovation
Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Sustainability Scientist, Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability
Arizona State University
550 N. 3rd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004
Email: [email protected]

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