Institution (Location)
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
Start Date
July 1, 2018
Position Description

The Division of Nutrition
Sciences is seeking a full-time nine-month Lecturer to start on July 1, 2018.

Every spring this Lecturer will
co-teach a course that requires public health and/or nutrition expertise. In addition,
they will be expected to design and deliver a three-credit course, which has
broad appeal on campus and aligns with their expertise, and start delivering
this course during the second year of their appointment.

Every fall this Lecturer will
provide overall course management and support for two large three-credit undergraduate
courses (NS1150 – Nutrition Health & Society and NS1600 –
Introduction to Public Health) and be solely responsible for two smaller
courses related to NS1150 (NS1160 – Personalized Concepts & Controversies
and NS4030 – Teaching Apprenticeship).

This Lecturer will also advise
twenty undergraduate students and supervise and mentor the Division’s two
Teaching and Research Fellows.

The first year this Lecturer
will work from July 1, 2018 through the end of the semester (approximately May
15, 2019). The following years they will work only during the academic year
(approximately August 15 through May 15). However, they will be appointed for
the entire calendar year and will be paid in twenty-four installments for their

NS1150 (Nutrition Health and
is a
three-credit fall course that discusses the facts and fallacies concerning the
role that nutrition, exercise, and other health behaviors play in preventing
disease, maintaining good health, and maximizing athletic performance. Emphasis
is on understanding the biological mechanisms through which good nutrition and
regular exercise affect psychological and physical health.

NS1160 (Personalized
Concepts and Controversies)

is a one-credit fall course that provides students enrolled in NS1150
individualized assistance in many skills including using computers to analyze
diets, finding and using scientific references, understanding and criticizing
scientific articles, and reviewing material presented in lectures. This course
is instructed by the Undergraduate Teaching Assistants enrolled in NS4030.

NS1600 (Introduction to
Public Health)
is a
three-credit fall course that provides the basic principles, practices, and
policies of public health, including an introduction to the infrastructure and
organization of public health; methods of data collection and surveillance; disease
promotion and prevention; health disparities; and the achievements, challenges,
and controversies in the field.

NS4030 (Teaching
is a
five-credit S-U or letter grade course for the Undergraduate Teaching
Assistants (UTAs) assigned to NS1150 and NS1160.

Responsibilities Include:
NS1150 & NS1600:
•    Contribute to course content
•   Administer the course including electronic course management.
•    Hold office hours for enrolled students.
•    Respond to student questions through email.

•    Develop exam questions.
•    Grade assignments.
•    Deliver occasional lectures.
•    Supervise graduate and undergraduate teaching assistants.
•    Prepare and update course material (syllabus, group
activities, presentations, etc.)
•   Coordinate scheduling of guest lecturers and coordinate parking
accommodations, etc.

•    Develop syllabi for NS1160 and NS4030, including learning
•    Develop and deliver lectures on various pedagogical
techniques, for example, how to write lesson plans, how to develop a good
relationship with students, developing a daily agenda for class, how to lead a discussion,
how to create effective learning environments, how to design teaching to
accommodate multiple learning styles, methods for evaluating assignments, etc.;
•    Instruct teaching assistants in the development of teaching
tools, such as review guides, flow charts, mini-quizzes and other materials.
Develop evaluation methods for NS 4030 teaching assistants/students, including
assignments, teaching observations, student evaluations, peer evaluations, and
self-reflection using e-Portfolio and assign grades.
•    Instruct NS4030 teaching assistants in theory and methods
for developing student evaluations
of their teaching.
•    Develop e-Portfolio site for teaching assistants’
assignments and reflection.
•   Manage the 70’s Club, a weekly tutorial session for NS1150
students run by Undergraduate
Teaching Assistants.
•    Assign grades for NS1160 students.

Candidate’s Qualifications (who should apply)

Required qualifications: M.P.H or M.S. in Nutrition or Public Health and teaching experience.

Preferred qualifications: PhD in Nutrition or Public Health, R.D. credential, experience with
BlackBoard and e-Portfolio.

Required Competencies:
•    Planning, organization, problem-solving, and coordination;
•    Good public speaking skills;
•    Ability to work as a member of a team and under pressure;
•    Ability to lead and organize teaching teams comprised of graduate and undergraduate students;
•   Proficiency using the electronic medium and software packages such as email and internet
browsers, Microsoft Office Word Suite, especially Word, Excel and Power Point.

How to Apply

Application Requirements:

The following documents must be uploaded when applying through Academic Jobs on Line:
•    a CV;
•   general letter of interest; and
•    a teaching statement.

In addition the applicant must arrange to have three letters of recommendation uploaded to