ISBNPA Webinar SIG Socioeconomic inequalities: Practical tips for working with hard to reach populations: a discussion based webinar

Start Date: 12/03/2018
End Date: 12/03/2018
Place: Webinar
Organization: SIG Socioeconomic inequalities

Link to recording

Dec 3rd, 8:00pm GMT

‘Hard-to-reach’ is a term used to describe those sub-groups of the population that may be difficult to reach or involve in research or public health programmes. This webinar will focus on sharing current challenges and practical tips for working with hard-to-reach populations. 

The nature of this ISBNPA webinar will be discussion based and focus on practical approaches to recruiting and working with hard-to-reach populations rather than by traditional presentations. This should hopefully lead to a fruitful discussion around challenges faced for all of us as researchers and what could be done to work with groups that are hard-to-reach. Please come with questions prepared to ask our panel members and each other. 

Dr Christina Vogel, University of Southampton,  
Dr Justin Guagliano, University of Cambridge, 

Dr. Matthew Hobbs, University of Canterbury,



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